How reconcile openmodelica-dvel & octave dependencies on sundials vs. sundials2

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Mon Jun 4 02:17:47 UTC 2018

The two sundials ports don't have exactly identical file names, but there is too much overlap to try a simple naming trick for installing them both it appears.

If one of the ports you want to install has a bundled copy of sundials that you can statically link in, you might get away with that as a quick one-off solution. Not a great general solution, but it is done.

More commonly, you would have to come up with a scheme to install them in non-conflicting locations where they can coexist without crashing into each other, and then direct the ports that need them to the location.



or sometimes this pattern is chosen


Sometimes, if one version is far more favoured than the other, the favoured version gets the default install location, and the less commonly used one gets an alternate location. This can be easier as most ports don't need to be modified, but also can generate hassles if the wrong library or header collection is found.

And then, each and every port that uses sundials* needs to be checked and/or modified to make sure they find and use the correct versions of the headers and libraries.

A fair bit of work, to be sure...usually takes a dedicated dev who needs them both to work to dive in on this kind of project.

Updating ports to all use the latest version of the library is often a simpler and better solution, eg the recent ffmpeg project...


On 2018-06-03, at 2:51 PM, Murray Eisenberg wrote:

> The current octave (@4.4.0_2+accelerate+app+docs+gfortran+graphicsmagick+qt5+sound) epends on sundials2.
> openmodelica-dvel depends on sundials. And sundials cannot be installed because it conflicts with sundials2.
> Any way to resolve this?
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