Preventing check of sharedlibs in rev-upgrade

Joshua Root jmr at
Wed Jun 20 11:34:27 UTC 2018

Artur Szostak wrote:
> Is there any way of telling MacPorts to not consider one, more or all shared libraries when attempting its check for broken libraries in a Portfile? I have some Java software which is precompiled and also delivering some additional shared libraries. Unfortunately, MacPorts is incorrectly detecting some of the shared libraries as broken and attempting to recompile the package.

You can't disable it on a per-port basis, but you can prevent
rev-upgrade from running automatically, or put it in report-only mode,
with settings in macports.conf.

If it is indeed incorrectly considering some files broken, that is a bug
that we should fix, so please file a ticket. (Have you checked that the
detected brokenness could not be fixed with install_name_tool like e.g.
oracle-instantclient does?)

- Josh

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