type_info availability issue when manually building LLVM 6.0.1rc3 libcxxabi on 10.6.8

Ces VLC cesarillovlc at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 13:59:35 UTC 2018


This is not a pure MacPorts issue, as I'm doing the build manually and not
through MacPorts, but I'm guessing that maybe you experienced this very
same issue in recent LLVM versions, or that maybe you'll face it when you
update to 6.0.1 (not released yet, but I'm trying release candidate #3,
which might be the one tagged as final).

I first built it by using a previous 3.8.0 build I had on my Snow Leopard
Mac. It went really smooth (although I didn't build lldb, openmp, nor
compiler-rt), and I'm actually surprised I was able to build it without any
patch at all (while I remember I had to apply some MacPorts patches in
order to build 3.8.0). So, to my surprise, the compatibility of the LLVM
source has increased with the years (I say "to my surprise" because usually
compatibility gets worse with the years in recent open source projects).

Said this, I'm now trying to self-host 6.0.1rc3. So I'm building 6.0.1rc3
with the 6.0.1rc3 build I got through 3.8.0

I started with libcxxabi, and I got an error I never saw before:

/Users/cesar/LLVM/6.0.1rc3/libcxxabi/src/private_typeinfo.cpp:76:19: error:
'~type_info' is unavailable:
      introduced in macOS 10.9
/Users/cesar/LLVM/6.0.1rc3/libcxx/include/typeinfo:122:13: note:
'~type_info' has been explicitly marked
      unavailable here
    virtual ~type_info();

I raised my eyebrow, tried to build it with 3.8.0, and it built fine. Same
flags, same everything. Even a diff on the included headers (got from
invoking clang++ with '-H' argument) gets the very same results (except for
the 3 headers that are inside the include dir of the installed LLVM, but
they are identical except for minor differences in stdint.h which shouldn't
be affecting here).

Same flags, same included files, same everything... and 3.8.0 builds the
file, while 6.0.1rc3 stops with the above error...

Any clue on what could be happening here?

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