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Thu Jun 28 15:11:55 UTC 2018

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    On 2018-6-28 18:54 , Ryan Schmidt wrote:
    > macOS has been around for over 17 years. It would be weird if in all that time Python hasn't developed an easy way to create correct dylibs. My assumption therefore is that such an easy method does exist, I just don't know what it is since I'm not very familiar with Python.
    Python (or specifically distutils) generally has no need to create
    dylibs; it's only concerned with building extension modules, which on
    macOS are mach-o bundles.
Most if not all of our modifications and extensions to distutils are due to that.   We have many python extension modules, each of which links to one or more shared libraries, each of which is built from many C++ sources.   We tried to contact the distutils developers when we started using it, 10 or 15 years ago, but they were uninterested in adding shared library support or in helping us add it.  

 -- Steve


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