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    > It's the same problem as and   Is that a problem with glib2 or with all of the ports that use it?

    My understanding is that those other ports are not compatible with the modification that we've made for glib2, and those other ports will need to adapt.

    Because the modifications we've made have not been included in the official glib2 sources yet, the developers of those other ports probably aren't aware of this situation yet.

    > I thought I'd try to force the x11 variant of glib2 -- I restored the default variants.conf, ran 'port install glib2' and 'port pkg glib2', copied the .pkg file to the mpkg_packages directory for oof3d, changed variants.conf back to quartz mode, and ran 'port mpkg oof3d'.  But MacPorts was too smart for that and wanted to rebuild glib2 with +quartz.


    > Could I make a new port, called say glib2x11, whose +quartz variant is the same as glib2's +x11 variant?   How would I tell all the ports that use glib2 to use glib2x11 instead?

    If this is just for your own use, you can easily delete the quartz and x11 variants from your local copy of the glib2 portfile and add the --with-appinfo-impl=generic configure flag to the global part of the portfile.

That will work for now, although it's a poor long term solution, since we'd have to remember to re-edit the portfile every time it was updated.

-- Steve

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