OpenOffice available?

Chris Jones jonesc at
Fri May 11 14:10:12 UTC 2018

LibreOffice is now the defacto standard free office application, I would 
say. It forked from OpenOffice a while back, and whilst OpenOffice is 
largely in decline, LibreOffice is far from it. For the reasons why, ask 
your favourite search engine.

Not sure why though you are looking for a port, for either, from 
MacPorts ? What benefit do you expect from just using the installer from 
the above link. LibreOffice would be a huge build, so whilst presumably 
possible (linux distributions do it) a lot of work for someone for what 
I could see to be minimal gains...


On 11/05/18 15:01, Dave Horsfall wrote:
> Is there a port of OpenOffice available for the Mac?  I used to use it 
> many moons ago on BSDi (a predecessor to FreeBSD), and quite liked it.
> I'm particularly interested in using Impress, but a few searches have 
> been less than successful,
> Thanks.

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