open question on python ...

Ralph Seichter m16+macports at
Fri May 11 22:51:02 UTC 2018

On 11.05.18 21:45, Frederic Dubois wrote:

> is it equivalent to use port to manage "python + module" and port to
> manage "python" and pip to manage "module" ?

Both 'port' for Python modules and 'pip' change the contents of your
site-packages, so I consider them competitors for the same job. Don't
get me wrong, I love MacPorts and appreciate all the work put into it,
but when it comes to Python, I would only use port if a Python package
was unavailable via PyPI--which has not happened to me yet.

I can heartily recommend you only install the "Python core" (i.e. with
sudo port install python36) via MacPorts. For your projects, best use
discrete virtual environments. The Python 3 'venv' module will install
pip and setuptools, which then let you install your project requirements
in a fashion that isolates projects from each other and from your
system- or user-level Python libraries.

I happily let pip allocate a few extra MB of disk space in exchange for
greatly reduced headaches.


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