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> On 2018-05-11, at 07:01, Dave Horsfall <dave at> wrote:
> Is there a port of OpenOffice available for the Mac?  I used to use it many moons ago on BSDi (a predecessor to FreeBSD), and quite liked it.
> I'm particularly interested in using Impress, but a few searches have been less than successful,

I’m also a former BSDi user.  When I started evaluating Apple hardware and the OS X operating system as a possible replacement for Suipermicro hardware and the BSD/OS operating system, I discovered NeoOffice.  It was a derivative of OpenOffice that had been modified to run as a native OS X application.  I found it to be much better than the early attempts to develop OpenOffice for OS X.

NeoOffice is available from and from Apple’s App Store.

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