How Mojave-ready is MacPorts?

Christopher Jones jonesc at
Sat Nov 10 20:41:38 UTC 2018


MacPorts was 'more or less’ ready for Mojave from when it was first released. 

If what you are asking is are binaries available for the ports I care about, only you can check that as no one else knows what you intend to install. 

Go to <>

and check to see if the ports you care about most have binary tarballs available. Most probably do by now, but there are likely still some the builedbot is working through.


> On 10 Nov 2018, at 8:37 pm, Dave Horsfall <dave at> wrote:
> I ask because assuming I give High Sierra a miss (which failed twice on my early 2009 13" MacBook for different reasons) and try Mojave instead, are the binaries more or less ready to go?  Mass compilations will render this thing unusable (we're talking typing echoes measured in *seconds*), and it's the main client on my LAN.
> Thanks.
> -- Dave

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