How Mojave-ready is MacPorts?

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Mon Nov 12 23:58:17 UTC 2018

On Nov 12, 2018, at 16:52, db wrote:

> On 12 Nov 2018, at 22:32, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> What we really want is a web site where this information can more easily be seen.
>> I don't really want the public making massive numbers of http requests to the buildmaster (which is what the script would do)
> I just want that every build reports its failure somewhere I can query a list of failed builds from — that should certainly not be a large one, neither number nor size. So from your answer I'll assume that I cannot get that info from the JSON API.

I have not explored the buildbot JSON API yet. Buildbot is certainly not designed for what we're using it for: It has no idea that different builds on a builder are for different ports, so it would have no way of giving you, for example, a list of builds for a particular port. The web interface gives you the option to see only "failing builders" but that only means a builder whose last build failed; it does not mean show every build on this builder that failed. I don't know if maybe the API provides this feature while the web interface does not.

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