gimp2 install

Ulrich Wienands wienands at
Tue Nov 13 16:51:32 UTC 2018

Yes, I am very interested in the Quartz variant. Chris suggested I need to upgrade my tk so I’ll do that soonest, probably tonight. I’ll check into GTK if I stil have problems after that.

BTW, I am using your Intel version of Tenfourfox as well. I does run nicely by and large, although I have had it choke on a few sites (not necessarily reproducibly so). If you are interested in error reports I shall send you some, otherwise I am honoring Cameron’s request to not bug you about it. All this is on a MacBook pro of 2009 vintage that runs really well on 10.6 so I don’t want to upgrade it.

Anyway, thanks for your help,


> On Nov 13, 2018, at 9:07 AM, Riccardo Mottola <riccardo.mottola at> wrote:
> Hi Uli!
> Uli Wienands wrote:
>> Hi, after Riccardo Mottola mentioned that he contributed a patch to gimp to make Gimp 2.10 run under 10.6 I tried to install it. 
> cool :) I suppos eyou atre trying the Quartz variant.
> I don't know about your install problem, but it is not direclty gimp related.
> You might have issues with GTK3... I don't know if my patches were all accepted, let's see. Proceed with updating all your macports cleanly first!
> 32bit or 64bit? I am on 64bit.
> I have a minimal motiviation continuing work and trying 10.5/32bit, but it requires substiantial stuff, I'd just love to have gimp on my MacBook.
> Riccardo

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