How Mojave-ready is MacPorts?

Bill Cole macportsusers-20171215 at
Wed Nov 14 14:43:39 UTC 2018

On 14 Nov 2018, at 4:26, Chris Jones wrote:

>>> According to, MacBook6,1 supports 8GB of RAM. No 
>>> futzing would be required. Apple only supports RAM configurations 
>>> that were available at the time the model was sold. If 4GB modules 
>>> were not available in 2009, then they would not claim to support a 
>>> total of 8GB of RAM. But according to EveryMac your Mac does work 
>>> with that amount of RAM.
>> Not sure where I saw that reference (some Mac site - MacFixit or 
>> something?) but they were pretty definitive about it.
> Until it finally expired, my late 2008 Macbook Pro ran 8GB just fine, 
> even though Apple only 'supported' 4GB. I suspect your would run 8GB 
> as well.

Related data point: I have a late 2008 13" aluminum MacBook 
(MacBook5,1/model A1278) which Apple documents as supporting 4GB but 
which I upgraded to 8GB 6+ years ago. I only retired it to appliancey 
duty last month, after my darling wife did me the favor of spilling 
water on it (making the keyboard not quite work) and providing the sign 
that a new laptop was in order. I had been pondering doing whatever hack 
was possible to get High Sierra onto it, however I would never try to 
push Mojave onto that machine or any other Mac which is disqualified by 
dint of not supporting the Metal graphics layer. Even if it basically 
works, there would almost certainly be circumstances where it just 
breaks. With luck that would only cause visual artifacts but with 
something that low-level it's not inconceivable that there would be hard 
incompatibilities that could crash apps or even panic the kernel.

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