Help please

Dave Horsfall dave at
Thu Nov 15 07:41:19 UTC 2018

On Thu, 15 Nov 2018, jam at wrote:

> The new bit is a Telstra NBN modem (for Aus’s new high speed broadband.) 
> If any Aus user has tamed the Telstra NBN modem please tell me what and 
> how.

I've had no problem with my NBN stuff; the wireless router connects to the 
NBN thing, and the Mac talks wireless to the router i.e. it "just works".

One problem I do see from time to time is that the Mac drops its bundle 
whenever the router is "upgraded" in the middle of the night; you need to 
turn WiFi off then on again on the Mac (looks like a Mac bug; no other 
wireless device here has any problems when the router resets).

I don't recall doing anything special, apart from locking an IP address 
for the Mac in the router itself so it can be accessed from the rest of my 

-- Dave

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