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Dave Horsfall dave at
Mon Nov 19 05:29:08 UTC 2018

On Mon, 19 Nov 2018, James Linder wrote:

> So just turning off the firewall is the easist way and pretty safe (If 
> my modem was broken then why cant you hack it to have no firewall 
> anyway.) I think the huge amount of dis-infomation on the subject is 
> akin to saying if you go hiking without a defibulator you are certain to 
> die.

As you appear to be impervious to advice from me and others (albeit being 
off-topic) I will help you no further; good luck with T$'s helldesk...

To restate:

1) It is not a modem; it is a *router* with a built-in firewall[*].  You
    are confusing the NBN with ADSL (the NBN is digital all the way, unless
    you are unlucky enough to have FTTN, in which case you should have a
    different NBN box to handle the VDSL analogue stream).

2) You appear to be the only one with a problem, and you are poking
   around something that you plainly do not understand.

3) Unless you've fscked something up, It Just Works, OK?


(Sorry, Ryan etc, but this is really getting to me.)

Which you can put into "bridge" mode, but that's probably beyond your ken.

-- Dave

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