Anyone running X11 apps on Mojave?

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sun Nov 25 09:21:23 UTC 2018

On Nov 25, 2018, at 02:58, pagani laurent wrote:

> nice summary of X11/XQuartz history. I miss something about which (I suppose) is still supported by Apple even in Mojave (but I stop at Sierra as long as my present bookpro lives, so I don’t know). Isn’t it another variant of X11 (except that there are some differences but I am not sure to know all of them) ? is a macOS application included by Apple as part of every version of macOS. Each tab in each terminal window runs a separate copy of a shell, such as bash. You use such a shell to run commands, such as the MacPorts port command.

There is an X11 program called xterm which serves a similar function, but running under X11 instead of running directly under macOS. In some X11 installations, and depending on how you've set up your X11 configuration files, an xterm may launch automatically when you start X11, which might be what's giving you the incorrect association between Terminal and X11.

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