segfault while building gimp

Riccardo Mottola riccardo.mottola at
Fri Nov 30 15:18:38 UTC 2018


Ken Cunningham wrote:
> This error looks similar, if not completely identical:
> <>
> I think your fix will be on that site, anyway. Some error in gegl on Darwin.

the error looks similar, although the stacktrace is totally different.

There is a commit mentioned, but that commit is already present in our 
0.4.12 so it doesn't help or is not the issue.
Also there is no follow-up if that fix really helped or not, it appears 
to be done without verification.

To be sure, I recompiled gegl myself by backing out the patch and get 
the same issue. So, with or without I get the same.

Could you try? maybe also on different architectures.

I'm eager to fix this, since I want to test my gtk3 patches that got 
gtk3 to compile on 10.5 :)


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