quite OT

James jam at tigger.ws
Sat Sep 1 06:24:34 UTC 2018

but directly related to a port <smile>

Where can I ask questions on mac stuff?

I elaborate:

I want password-less ssh login
i usually copy the public key by hand, but I also used ssh-copy-id

from 1_mac to another
from 1_mac to itself
from 1_mac to a plethora of linux machines and virtual machines

1_mac cannot login passwd-less to another. Passwd is requested then all is well
1_mac CAN login to itself passwdless
1_mac CAN login to the linux boxes passwdless

The logs show nothing of interest (-vvv, not tried to get server logs yet)
Google is full of stuff, eg since High Sierra Apple silently enforces a 2048 bit key, but nothing that actually solves the problem

Surely someone somewhere has solved the issue

And I don’t which way to turn, clearly some apple magic is happening


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