libgcc8 build failure (stage comparison) on Snow Leopard

Riccardo Mottola riccardo.mottola at
Mon Sep 3 14:52:08 UTC 2018

Hi Chris,

Chris Jones wrote:
> libgcc8 builds just fine on 10.6 with its default variants. Its 
> difficult to say if your issue is due to your use of the universal 
> variant (do you *really* need to build everything with this ??) or 
> something else on your system.

no, not everything.. but I need universal gcc 48 and I am quite sure it 
pulls in anyway libgcc, so they alwasys got built together
> Note, your error is quite similar to that in
> Please post information there, if you think its possibly related, or 
> start a new ticket. its much easier to track that way than via emails. 

It really looks as the same error, but for me 7.3 built as you have seen.

> When you do remember to post *complete* log files from clean builds, 
> not just snippets

Will do, it was a full build so no snippets.



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