TeXLive distribution and macports

Christopher Jones jonesc at hep.phy.cam.ac.uk
Sun Sep 9 15:48:45 UTC 2018

> On 9 Sep 2018, at 4:46 pm, Werner LEMBERG <wl at gnu.org> wrote:
>>> [...] For example, I want to create a replacement for
>>> `texlive-basic' that does nothing except fulfilling the dependency.
>>> This is, after installing this dummy `texlive-basic', `port' shall
>>> believe that `texlive-basic' is indeed installed.
>>> Ditto for all other `texlive-*' ports.  Ideally, I would like to
>>> have all this stuff in a single file, to be automatically created
>>> from the actual list of `texlive-*' ports as in
>>> texlive-dummy-opensuse,
>>> cf. https://github.com/rolfn/texlive-dummy-opensuse/blob/ba0bc1e2f866c379f750046439b6f4e40725805f/Makefile#L61
>>> and following lines.
>> Then I am not sure what you intention here is.
>> Note that MacPorts has a policy of not using external libraries, as
>> far as possible (apart from obvious system ones) so if you aim is to
>> have a port that basically allows something externally externally to
>> pretend to be something MacPorts provides, then no this is strictly
>> not allowed. See for instance
>> https://trac.macports.org/wiki/FAQ#ownlibs <https://trac.macports.org/wiki/FAQ#ownlibs>
>> its the same deal as why we do not support using anything installed
>> outside of MacPorts, from /usr/local
> Ah, I assumed too much knowledge, sorry.  TeXLive itself comes with
> binaries for MacOS (both legacy platforms, i.e., 10.6-10.10, and
> recent versions, i.e., 10.10-10.13).  By simply prepending the path to
> those binaries to PATH, the `texlive-*' ports from MacPorts would be
> completely hidden and thus useless, more or less: TeXLive wouldn't use
> any data, binaries, or libraries from MacPorts.
> However, to build various packages like `lilypond', `port' needs to
> believe that some `texlive-*' ports are installed.  What certainly
> works is to create a small port repository similar to René Bertin's
> `macstrop' repository to override MacPorts with dummy ports.  My
> question was whether macports itself provides a simpler solution
> similar to `texlive-dummy-opensuse', where I have to install just a
> single .rpm file...  I guess the answer is no.

Its quite simple. The macports build of lilypond should be configured to use the MacPorts provided builds of TexLive. If these ports do not provide what is needed, then just provide an additional port for what is missing.


>    Werner

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