TeXLive distribution and macports

Mark Anderson emer at emer.net
Sun Sep 9 16:36:42 UTC 2018

Yeah, this is specifically prohibited by our guidelines and the overall
workings of the program. There is a TeXlive minimum install, and if you
could make one smaller that works with lily pond I’m sure we’d consider it.
But this is basically a non-starter with MacPorts.


On Sun, Sep 9, 2018 at 12:31 PM Werner LEMBERG <wl at gnu.org> wrote:

> >> Ah, I assumed too much knowledge, sorry.  TeXLive itself comes with
> >> binaries for MacOS (both legacy platforms, i.e., 10.6-10.10, and
> >> recent versions, i.e., 10.10-10.13).  By simply prepending the path
> >> to those binaries to PATH, the `texlive-*' ports from MacPorts
> >> would be completely hidden and thus useless, more or less: TeXLive
> >> wouldn't use any data, binaries, or libraries from MacPorts.
> >>
> >> However, to build various packages like `lilypond', `port' needs to
> >> believe that some `texlive-*' ports are installed.  What certainly
> >> works is to create a small port repository similar to René Bertin's
> >> `macstrop' repository to override MacPorts with dummy ports.  My
> >> question was whether macports itself provides a simpler solution
> >> similar to `texlive-dummy-opensuse', where I have to install just a
> >> single .rpm file...  I guess the answer is no.
> >
> > Its quite simple.  The macports build of lilypond should be
> > configured to use the MacPorts provided builds of TexLive.
> I was still unclear, sorry.  To continue with lilypond as an example:
> This program uses only TeXLive *programs* and data, but no libraries.
> In general, this is true for all other programs within MacPorts that
> depend on texlive ports.  It is thus irrelevant whether MacPorts
> itself contains the necessary data and binaries, or whether they are
> provided externally (in this case, by the native TeXLive
> distribution).
> > If these ports do not provide what is needed, then just provide an
> > additional port for what is missing.
> There are no misses.  My `problem' is that the `texlive-*' ports
> within MacPorts use a few GByte, doubling everything native TeXLive
> already provides!  I want to use native TeXLive directly so that I can
> actually call `tlmgr' (or the SVN repository) to update the TeX stuff.
> For this reason I want to have some dummy portfiles to make `port'
> believe that the `texlive-*' ports are present.  This will take a few
> kBytes only...
>     Werner
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