Help diagnosing gcc7 on MacOS 10.13 and SIGABRT

Chris Jones jonesc at
Mon Sep 10 18:13:16 UTC 2018


Its going to be a little difficult to help without a complete example to look at. For instance I would want to see exact how Exception is defined and exactly what is in the struct you are effectively casting it to (the cast looks suspicious to me, I have to say).

I would suggest you first try and create a small stand-alone example of the issue. It will then be much easier to offer help.


> On 10 Sep 2018, at 5:46 pm, David <david at> wrote:
> The interesting thing is that the same code, compiled with the same
> compiler (gcc-mp-7 7.2) works just fine on 10.10. This doesn't happen on
> every throw, just one in particular.
> While not a bug (necessarily) I'm looking for some guidance on where to
> look to track down the differences in the throw operation between the two
> OS releases. Any assistance would be useful.
> The following code is the specific location where the SIGABRT comes from.
> We have pushed an exception into our stream and when we detect it we
> reformat the payload and throw it for a higher layer to capture and
> report. The contents of the payload matches the class Exception. Exception
> contains only POD members.
>  if ( m_packet->io.cmd_code == CmdAbort )
>    throw *(Exception*)m_packet->io.payload;
> The code throws exceptions in multiple other locations, and those all work
> as expected.
> Again, any hints would be very useful.
>    David

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