User information about macOS Mojave

Vincent Habchi vince at
Wed Sep 19 12:35:44 UTC 2018

>> One specific change in Mojave is the deprecation of 32-bit software. Mojave can run existing 32-bit software but can't build 32-bit software anymore [3] so MacPorts can't offer 32-bit software on Mojave.
> I don't need it, but out of curiosity, what exactely isn't provided by Apple that prevents building 32-bits software?
> Why is it not possible to build 32-bit software with a Macports version of gcc, linked against Macports version of libraries?

The 10.14 SDK doesn’t embed the 32-bit libraries anymore. I suppose if you compile clang/llvm from MacPorts, you can still continue to develop i386 software, though access to Cocoa would be problematic.


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