Where Is pgAdmin3 Installed?

Ken Cunningham ken.cunningham.webuse at gmail.com
Sat Sep 22 17:24:52 UTC 2018

So - Mike is a software engineer and has a lifetime in the software industry it appears, and yet how to get from point A to B was not obvious to him. It should be.

I think this points out a common problem people have.

MacPorts has a great deal to offer all these people, but the entry curve is perhaps a bit steep.

I’ve been using MacPorts for a decade or more, so most of this stuff is pretty obvious now, but I remember when it wasn’t.

I think we might use a bit of a one-page introduction for various common software projects — think “A Very Short Introduction to … “ — detailing what people might most likely want to use, and a very straightforward set of instructions on getting started.

How to use MacPorts to install and use: 

 Web Services.
 Open-Source Games.
 Software for Math and Physics.
 Software for Teachers.
 Gnome Software

People who are currently participating in MacPorts but not so much in the Portfile guts of things might well step forward to write these.

We could profile them on the main MacPorts web page.


> On Sep 22, 2018, at 1:26 AM, Mike Crawford <mdcrawford at gmail.com> wrote:
>> most (basically all) MacPorts GUI applications are installed in
>> /Applications/MacPorts
> If it had teeth it woulda bit me.
>>> MacPorts doesn't have psql.
>> Yes it does.
> No it doesn't.
> I've got postgresql10 installed, but it didn't come with psql, nor is
> psql a package in MacPorts.
> There is a question about psql and MacPorts on StackOverflow which
> suggests getting it from homebrew.
> psql is a command-line interface to postgresql.  But I can use
> /Applications/MacPorts/pgAdmin.app - it's a GUI interface.
> I'm going to write a Python web application but I need a manual
> interface to postgresql so I can re-learn SQL.  I've never used SQL
> often enough for it to stick.

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