SSHFS (osxfuse) not installing

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Fri Sep 28 05:18:51 UTC 2018

On Sep 27, 2018, at 08:35, David wrote:

> Source extension osxfuse
> Assertion 'common_is_variable DEFAULT_SDK_10_14_ARCHITECURES' failed
> at common_variable_clone (./build.d/lib/, line 501)
> at common_variable_clone (./build.d/lib/, line 514)
> at build_target_invoke (./, line 656)
> at build_main (./, line 942)
> at main (./, line 950)
> Terminated: 15
> Received signal: SIGTERM

An assertion failure probably indicates a bug in the code; please report it to the developers of osxfuse so they can fix it.

It looks like there have been no upstream changes in osxfuse in one year, so the developers may no longer be developing it.

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