"Fetching archive" fails for all ports on multiple systems, different networks

Lee Finn lsfinn at gmail.com
Wed Apr 10 15:28:32 UTC 2019


This is a more directed followup to an earlier message.  Three specific questions:

* How should I interpret the error message  ":debug:archivefetch Fetching archive failed: The requested URL returned error: 403 OK”, which appears in the logfile for the installation of gettext?
	- Further context: this error message occurs for all gettext servers on two different networks (one a university network, one a home network) on two different systems, over several days.

* Is anyone else seeing a similar or related problems? Please share details: it will help me decide if this is somehow a local problem (although it is happening on two independently maintained systems on two different networks), or a macports problem for which a bug report should be filed.

* “sudo port diagnose” reports "Error: currently installed version of Xcode, 10.2, is not supported by MacPorts.  For your currently installed system, only the following versions of Xcode are supported:  10.1 10.0”. Trac #58260 suggests that this is a build problem; i.e., that it occurs after a successful fetch step. Is this understanding correct?

Other information:
MacPorts 2.5.4
Mac OS 10.4.4
xCode 10.2
H/W: iMac Pro, MacBook Pro.

Sam Finn
lsfinn at gmail.com <mailto:lsfinn at gmail.com>

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