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Sat Apr 13 09:00:32 UTC 2019


On 4/8/19 2:14 PM, Dr M J Carter wrote:
>> A question: does macports supply something like gsview? Under
>> Windows I’m using still the very useful PS viewer (ghostscript)
>> gsview32.exe (Version 5.0).
>> Has this version or another similarly well usable version been
>> ported to macOS (macports)?
> I believe gv is what you're after.  Hope this helps.

I wonder if it makes senset o port GNUstep's GSPdf to Mac? It is 
essentially a ghostscript frontend (runs gs to generate a tiff and shows 
the page) and thus supports both PS as PDF. Despite maintaining it 
occasionally I don't remember if it is pure AppKit or uses GNUstep 
extensions or non-Mac code. An eventual "port" would yield a native Mac 
app, compatible with quite old MacOS, a ballpark would be 10.5/10.6

I could look in it if there is interest.


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