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> On 11 Apr 2019, at 19:55, dan d. <dandunfee at <mailto:dandunfee at>> wrote:
> A couple of weeks ago there was discussion of rust failing when required for ports.
> An example is fd which I had tried to upgrade.  On a whim I tried today and it worked.
> There is a new to me installation of cargo which is a rust manager, so the man page says.
> It downloads what seems dozens of items, but in the end rust was upgraded as well as fd.
> Thanks to whomever fixed the rust.

Hello Dan,
Just a heads-up: cargo is the build tool for Rust projects, so it should be a depend-build for all projects based on rust. Is there a PR for fd? I use it on other platforms, and it would be nice to have it on Macports, too!

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