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James Linder jam at
Mon Apr 15 02:12:25 UTC 2019

> I have a mid 2011 iMac. I setup a SSD on usb3 over thunderbolt. 
> All good EXCEPT that it wont boot. Will boot on the usb2 ports but they are slower than usb3. 
> I'm looking for a pointer or advice on how to boot on diskA say the internal disk, but run (root on) diskB 
> I can't find a thunderbolt 1 disk or adapter 
> Can anybody point me at where I could ask these sort of questions
> sorry for last-resort posting here


> macsupportcentral at
> Mac Support Central, a Yahoo group, is a great resource for all Mac owners. Many Mac users and professional repair techs. Even an author of a self-repair book series.

Thank you.


> I have the same iMac and it's not capable of booting USB3, even with a Thunderbolt or hub. Afraid you are stuck with USB2.
> There are plenty of Thunderbolt drives available. I used one from LaCie.

I believe it is a CPU issue, older CPUs can’t, newer can.
Every LaCie drive I google is thunderbolt 3. I need 1 or 2.

Spelunking I found a very interesting (and unlikely) site that delves deeply into technical stuff like booting.
But they raise the issue of codesigning,
and the potential to codesign an executable which would have a major impact on macports

Again thanks to the list for indulging OT stuff

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