XFCE desktop on XQuartz ?

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Tue Apr 16 23:43:37 UTC 2019

Chris Jones wrote:

> Hi,
> I have not run a full WM myself, but a number of ports have notes giving so
> guidelines on how. e.g.
> Titan ~ > port notes fvwm2
> fvwm2 has the following notes:
>   If this is your first install of an alternative WM, these steps
>   may be helpful:
>       $ mkdir ~/.xinitrc.d
>       $ cat >~/.xinitrc.d/99-wm.sh
>       #!/bin/sh
>       exec fvwm
>       ^D
>       $ chmod +x .xinitrc.d/99-wm.sh
>       $ open /Applications/Utilities/XQuartz.app
> you can probably adapt the above for other WMs.
> looking at the above, it also seems they implicitly assumed you have
> configured your X11 server to open in full-screen mode (which you can do
> from the Preferences for it).

Just a warning: you can set full screen mode in
XQuartz's preferences and, a long time ago (X11.app
days), that would make it start in full screen mode.
More recently, however, you actually have to enter
Command-Alt-A to toggle into full screen mode after
XQuartz starts. It doesn't take over the screen
automatically when starting. I assume this behaviour is
the same in Mojave as well but I'm guessing.


> good luck
> Chris
> On 16/04/2019 10:55 am, henry wrote:
> > 
> > Hi
> > 
> > 
> > I switched from a Linux-PC to a MacOS Mojave laptop.
> > So now I wish to switch from my old Linux Desktop to a brand-new full-screen desktop running on  MacOSX/XQuartz.
> > The reason is that I need a REAL unix-like desktop when I am at work (I am an engineer, I work on remote machines via ssh + Xterminal + remote programs written in Motif/QT)
> > 
> > I successfully installed KDE 4 with Macports, but unfortunately you cannot use it in this way (I confirmed it with the maintainer): the KDE desktop, I mean the KDE Windows Manager, has not been ported to work in XQuartz: you can just open several standalone applications (KTerminal, Konqueror and so on) but only on the Mac Desktop: you can have Apple Mail and KMail in the same window -- I couldn't care less :(
> > 
> > So I installed XFCE with Macports. The installation finished successfully.
> > Do you have any idea if I can start a XFCE desktop on XQuartz ?
> > I added:
> > exec startxfce
> > to my .xinitrc, like I did on Linux, but XQuartz refuses to start ...
> > I am afraid it's incompatible, too ...
> > 
> > 
> > Is there anyone using XFCE as a "Linux/Unix-like full screen desktop" on Mojave ?
> > 
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > Henry
> > 

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