Three questions about speeding up macports builds.

Christian Calderon calderonchristian73 at
Thu Apr 18 14:17:42 UTC 2019

I'm setting up my Power Mac FW800 as a little home server, and I decided to
install some things. Of course, there are no prebuilt binaries for Leopard
PPC so I end up compiling everything. A couple of days ago I started
compiling some things, and in the meantime I read a bit on speeding up
compilation. I found that there are projects for cross compiling binaries
for OS X from a Linux host, and I also discovered the existence of ccache
and distcc. This brings me to my questions:

Has anyone on this list used distcc with macports?
Has anyone here used ccache with macports?
Is it possible to use a new Mac in combination with distcc to compile
things for Leopard PPC?

I believe it should be possible for me to install the old version of Xcode
in Mojave, thereby having access to the old SDK and compilers used in
Leopard. If I could use my new iMac to assist in compiling things for my
Power Macs, that could be a HUGE speed up (my iMac has a 9900k while my
FW800 has two 1.42GHz G4 processors lol).

Please share your thought and experiences if any of you have looked into
similar things. Thanks!

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