how to stop variants from propagating down to dependencies

Ken Cunningham ken.cunningham.webuse at
Tue Dec 31 15:36:52 UTC 2019

On 2019-12-31, at 7:26 AM, Daniel J. Luke wrote:
>> Except that would get the rdeps of openal-soft with its default variants, rather than with the +gui and +tests variants.
> That's what I understood Ken was trying to do.

I think Ryan means that if the "test" variant of openal-soft had a dep on, say, gtest, you wouldn't get that.

There is just no good way to fix this -- unless we were to decide that a certain set of named variants, like "tests" or "docs" or "gui" , would not be propagated down. Or conversely that only a certain set of named variants are propagated down (like "universal" and -- any others?).

Probably too much trouble.


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