browser recomendations

James Linder jam at
Mon Feb 4 02:56:14 UTC 2019

I’ve been using firefox for a while. but increasingly it is getting draconian.

From firefox’s forums:
Ah, I see Mozilla is adopting the Microsoft Windows 10 attitude:

“We know what’s best for you. Turn off updates completely? What folly! We reserve the right to nag you incessantly until you comply! Use a feature which we deem obsolete or not important enough to support anymore (cough, RSS, cough)? We’ll dump it and you’ll learn to live with it.” Oh, and we have this neato new thingy we’re just dying to try out on you. You’ll just LOVE it, promise! Even if you don’t, hey, we’re getting a nice kickback from a third party for including it, so WE’LL love it.”

Good luck with that strategy, guys. You’re going to need it.

Are there any ports or browsers that you folk can recomend:

I want RSS feeds
I want NO search in URL bar
I want a search bar
I want the choice of updates free of nags


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