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Dave Horsfall dave at
Mon Feb 4 05:04:12 UTC 2019

On Mon, 4 Feb 2019, James Linder wrote:

> I’ve been using firefox for a while. but increasingly it is getting 
> draconian.

I'm glued onto Firefox (been using it for a couple of decades) but my 
others (when I come across a site that is Firefox-hostile) are, in no 
particular order: Chrome, Opera. Safari, Lynx, Lynxlet.


> “We know what’s best for you. Turn off updates completely? What folly! 
> We reserve the right to nag you incessantly until you comply! Use a 
> feature which we deem obsolete or not important enough to support 
> anymore (cough, RSS, cough)? We’ll dump it and you’ll learn to live with 
> it.” Oh, and we have this neato new thingy we’re just dying to try out 
> on you. You’ll just LOVE it, promise! Even if you don’t, hey, we’re 
> getting a nice kickback from a third party for including it, so WE’LL 
> love it.”

Not a problem for me; I just disable the "features" that I never thought I 

-- Dave

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