A general philosophical question about MacPorts

S. L. Garwood slgarwood at icloud.com
Tue Feb 19 13:13:25 UTC 2019

First let me say I have used MacPorts since 10.6.8.

Recently, given the overall Apple direction for MacOS I stopped and asked myself “Why am I doing this?”.
I started using Mint Linux on VirtualBox and ported a couple of the simpler apps I use.
Mint has come a long way and runs very well on a VBox instance. Data can move easily from MacOS to Mint and vice-versa.
True, I have been a *nix user for decades, but a novice (non-*nix user) wouldn’t be using MacPorts anyway.

I appreciate all the work the developers have put into MacPorts but to me the handwriting on the wall was when Apple pulled the MacPorts informal support they provided for years.
So my philosophical question is “Why MacPorts these days?”. 

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