CGContextCopyPath function missing in Leopard

Riccardo Mottola riccardo.mottola at
Wed Feb 20 12:06:37 UTC 2019

Hi Ryan,

Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> I agree, I don't see CGContextCopyPath described in the 10.5 SDK headers.
> I've encountered this in other situations. Apple documentation's notion of when a symbol became available seems to refer to the libraries, not necessarily the headers. Sometimes they introduce a function in an OS version but don't publicly announce it (or add it to the SDK) until later. So you could either use the 10.6 SDK, or else add the needed definitions from the 10.6 SDK to your project headers somewhere (when using an earlier SDK).

I provided inside the file an definition for the function and 
compilation continued (although well, I still have a bunch of bad 
linking errors on 10.5)

This makes me wonder: the symbol is there. Does apple use "special" SDKs 
inside which aren't distributed?


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