Restarting from scratch on Snow Leopard

Ken Cunningham ken.cunningham.webuse at
Wed Feb 27 17:04:34 UTC 2019

> So, just to be sure, you are suggesting to follow the path of 
> <> 
> I can certainly retry that, now that I have a more standard Xcode installation.
> Thanks 
> Franco

That's what I use. It is a PITA to bootstrap, I won't deny it. But I personally consider the occasional heartache of a long llvm/clang/gcc/webkit2-gtk compile to be balanced off by the better usability of the system. I've had this libc++ SL system  running for years now with very little trouble. Most of the tickets posted against SnowLeopard in Trac I never see on this system, because of the way this is set up.

Your other choice is to just try the current default libstdc++ setup using the prebuilt binaries, and you might find it works for you. You can then start over with libc++ if you run into troubles, or switch over when MacPorts does, eventually.


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