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Mojave (I think it was) got a bunch of the ancient insecure (not encrypted) command line tools, including telnet and ftp (you can still do ftp via Finder).

The BSD r-commands also went away (earlier than Mojave, I think).

The following provides the GNU versions of those, not necessarily identical to the former macOS versions; all the commands have a "g" prefix
to make that clear.  Unfortunately, I don't see symlinks for them without the "g" prefix in /opt/local/libexec/gnubin. This only provides the
client commands, not the corresponding server daemons, although for at least an ftpd, there are multiple ports available.  For the rest, you're
arguably better off without them, but if you don't believe that, you may be able to find them in an older version of the macOS source;
for example, except for ftpd, in <> with ftpd in <> Not everything there will work; in particular, I would not expect the yp*
commands to be useful, since that doesn't include whatever does the lookups.

sh-3.2$ port contents inetutils
Port inetutils contains:

If there's any way you can make it happen, IMO it's much better to get sshd (with sftp support) put on the other end that you want to communicate
with, rather than using the old and insecure protocols; not the least is that the maintenance state of older protocol implementations may not be
all that great, whether you use MacPorts or build them yourself; no guarantee that you'll keep up with vulnerability fixes, etc.

> On Jul 5, 2019, at 04:56, Christoph Kukulies <kuku at> wrote:
> I’m surprised there is no telnet under standard macOS. Is there a macport? and if, what’s the package name?
> Thank you
>> Christoph

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