Re: help needed: “Error: clang-4.0 has been replaced by clang-8.0; please install that instead”

Dmitri Zaitsev zaitsev at
Fri Jul 26 03:31:49 UTC 2019

Hi Chris and all,

I have finally figured it out following your suggestion,
have posted here for anyone else having that problem:

Cheers, Dmitri.

> >     'please configure port <foo-bar> to use clang-8.0 instead'
> >
> >
> > That would be less confusing indeed.
> > Can that be made the message?
> Not easily. The message is generated by the obsolete port group, which
> is used in a number of scenarios, for some of which the currently
> message does make sense.

Then show both messages maybe? Or link to my SO post?
There is nothing more frustrated for user to get a tiny cryptic message.

Dmitri Zaitsev
School of Mathematics
Trinity College Dublin

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