installing subport from a portdir

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Tue Jun 11 15:53:56 UTC 2019

On Jun 11, 2019, at 10:35, René J.V. Bertin wrote:

> On Tuesday June 11 2019 10:10:21 Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>>> or change "base" so it will recognise when a port name corresponds to a subport provided by the Portfile in the working directory.
>> That doesn't seem like a change that would be a good idea.
> Honestly, why not? I've always found it counter-intuitive that you cannot specify a port name in this usage type

Because "sudo port action X" means to perform the action on the port (or subport) named X as identified in the portindex. You are proposing that the behavior should vary depending on whether or not the current directory contains a portfile for port (or subport) X. That doesn't seem like a good idea because it makes the port command's behavior less predictable.

> (nor use `upgrade` btw, but that might be unrelated).

It is confusing that "sudo port upgrade" in a port directory does not use the portfile in that port directory, but instead upgrades the port of that name that's in the portindex. I know I've discussed this before with Rainer and/or Joshua but I don't remember where so I can't provide a link to the discussion.

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