Upgrading MacOS From 10.9.5 To 10.13 - MacPorts Implications

Michael Newman mgnewman at mac.com
Tue Jun 18 22:25:19 UTC 2019

On Jun 18, 2019, at 20:31, Ulrich Wienands <wienands at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hmm... per EveryMac.com <http://everymac.com/>, the 2009 MacBook Air only goes up to 10.11. This agrees with my experience; my 2009 MBP also tops out at 10.11.

I’m sorry, it’s actually a late 2010 MBA. On June 10th the App Store downloaded and attempted to install High Sierra. I have no idea why Apple pushed this to my machine two years after it was released. From the Console log:

Jun 10 04:48:26 Axe.local softwareupdated[240] : SWU: downloading "macOS High Sierra,  "
Jun 10 04:49:14 Axe.local softwareupdated[240] : SWU: installing "macOS High Sierra,  "

According to the System log the installation failed:

Sandbox denied authorizing right 'system.install.app-store-software.standard-user' for authorization created by '/System/Library/CoreServices/Software Update.app/Contents/Resources/SoftwareUpdateConfigData'

The App Store app actually shows that it was installed, even though it was not.

> If the machine really only runs shell scripts, why would you bother upgrading?

This is a remote machine to which I need to log in now and then. It is behind a double NAT so I can’t SSH into it. Back To My Mac never worked. The only solution I’ve found that is both cheap (free) and reliable is Chrome Remote Desktop. But, support for Mavericks will go away soon.

I’d be happy to find a remote login solution that works with Mavericks.

So far I have stuck with Mavericks because it runs just fine and, until now, I had no compelling reason to upgrade.

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