Making `port mpgk' create smaller packages

Werner LEMBERG wl at
Sun Mar 10 07:24:21 UTC 2019



  port mpkg lilypond-devel

creates a 1.5GByte bundle, which is far too large to be used for
distribution.  Is there a possibility to reduce the number of packages
that gets bundled?

As far as I can see, the main problem is that build and run
dependencies are intermixed in Portfiles: If `foo' is necessary for
building and running, it gets only listed in `depends_lib'.

Is it possible to provide a finer granularity?  For example,
`lilypond-devel' needs `texlive' for building only but not for

I could imagine a new variable `nodepends_run' that lists packages in
`depends_lib' that are not needed for running, and that `port mpkg'
could use to reduce the number of necessary packages.  Or may `port
mpkg' gets a new command line option to specify a list of packages
that should be omitted (together with its dependencies).


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