help with installing xorg-server from MacPorts and installing Inkscape

Chris Jones jonesc at
Wed Nov 27 09:55:20 UTC 2019


So what exactly have you run ?

Please run

sudo port install xorg-server

in a terminal, and if you still have problems post *exactly* what the 
above gives.


On 27/11/2019 4:09 am, yiming roberts-lo wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to figure out how to install Inkscape. I tried to follow the 
> instructions, but I am really confused. I think that I installed XCode, 
> agreed to the  Xcode license in Terminal, and Install MacPorts for my 
> version of the Mac OS (macOS Mojave v10.14). On this page 
> <> it says that there's 
> an optional step: "The X11 windowing environment for ports that depend 
> on the functionality it provides to run. You have multiple choices for 
> an X11 server". I tried to install the xorg-server port from MacPorts 
> (recommended), however I couldn't figure out how to do this? I got to 
> this page <> but 
> there's no Download or Install button?
> How do I install X11 and then ultimately install Inkscape? I just want 
> to edit a vector and this is all very confusing.
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> yiming

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