Catalina X11 xterm - cannot access ~/.Trash and /Volumes/* - Full Disk Access

Justin Vallon justinvallon at
Thu Nov 28 07:24:59 UTC 2019

Trying to get access in xterm to ~/.Trash and /Volumes/*, but Catalina
is blocking access.

* In SysPref/Sec&Priv/Privacy/Full Disk Access, remove "Terminal".
* Run Terminal, try "ls ~/.Trash" - "Operation not permitted"
* Back to Full Disk Access, "Terminal" is not present, but unchecked
* Enable "Terminal"
* Restart Terminal, try "ls ~/.Trash" - ok

Now for X11 / xterm:

* In xterm, try "ls ~/.Trash" - "Operation not permitted"
* Full Disk Access now shows an entry for "launchd_startx"
* Try enable "launchd_startx"
* xterm "ls ~/.Trash" - "Operation not permitted"
* Try granting FDA to:
  * X11 (drag the app)
  * /opt/local/bin/xterm
  * /bin/ls
  * /App/MacPorts/ (the real bin)

Can't get it to work.

Similar problem for any /Volumes/disk.  When I first tried in Terminal,
a security message said something like "" wants to access
removable disk [Deny] [Ok].  I clicked ok.  However, I don't see that
permission in System Prefs.

In xterm, cannot see /Volumes/disk, either.

Does anybody know any magic to fix this?

JustinVallon at

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