Xcode and gcc conflict: resolved soon?

Thomas Ruedas trg818 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 4 15:19:18 UTC 2019

I made the mistake of upgrading Xcode to the latest version (11.0), 
where Apple seems to have introduced stuff that breaks a lot of things. 
Among these, it seems, is gcc9. More specifically, when I tried to 
upgrade outdated ports, a number of them could not be compiled, such as 
poppler and openblas, and the discussions in the newsgroups indicate 
that it has to do with the new Xcode.
Is there reason to expect that this conflict, specifically the problems 
with gcc9 and with openblas, are resolved in the new future, or should I 
try to go back to the old Xcode?
PS: I am on the latest Mojave.

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