Xcode 11 on Mojave

Ken Cunningham ken.cunningham.webuse at gmail.com
Sat Oct 12 14:15:05 UTC 2019

> > But the CLT has the SDK in a different path than Xcode does, of course. And if Xcode-based SDK paths got baked into various ports on our Xcode-10-using Mojave build worker, then that will be a problem for any users that have Xcode 11, whether or not they have the CLT.
> Does the 10.14 buildbot have the CLT installed ? If not, maybe adding it would help ?

Yeah, this is our /path/to/SDK problem.

If the supported configuration for MacPorts is to have the command line tools installed, and if the buildbots and the users all have the command line tools installed, we should never see any more /path/to/SDK errors.

And any ports on the buildbot that currently have a /path/to/SDK that points into Xcode will just need to be revbumped to fix it to pointing to the Command Line Tools path instead.

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