llvm versions on 10.5 3.9->8.0

Riccardo Mottola riccardo.mottola at libero.it
Fri Oct 18 06:00:55 UTC 2019


when running upgrade of llvm 3.9, I get this message:

$ sudo port -v upgrade llvm-3.9
--->  llvm-3.9 is replaced by llvm-8.0

is this correct? I think that for now the different clang versions 
would "stay" and so corresponging also llvm.

I have clang and llvm 5.0 on 10.5 on Leopard which is I think the 
latest I can get.

another port (cfitsio) pulls in llvm 9.0 and I tried to compile that 
and it fails. I did not try 8.0 to be honest.


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