boost upgrade from 1.70.0_0 to 1.71.0_0 does not trigger ledger rebuilt

Chris Jones jonesc at
Mon Sep 2 14:38:17 UTC 2019

>> Is it a bug in ledger port file that ledger does not detect upgrade of
>> boost? Should I better report it in trac? Or is there a different way of
>> going through boost upgrade?
> I encountered this yesterday myself, with exactly the same results that you
> describe.  I filed a ticket on this at
> <>, and it was just marked as
> "fixed."  I haven't actually looked yet myself; perhaps there's a new
> ledger package that fixes the issue?

Its marked fixed simply because ledger was rev-bumped to trigger a 
rebuild of the binaries against the new boost. There is no 'bug' here, 
just a rebuild that is required.


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