boost upgrade from 1.70.0_0 to 1.71.0_0 does not trigger ledger rebuilt

Richard Cobbe rcobbe at
Wed Sep 4 15:12:15 UTC 2019

On Wed, Sep 04, 2019 at 09:22:23AM -0500, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> The developers of boost do not believe in library versioning. They never
> change the version numbers of their libraries, even though they are not
> necessarily compatible from one release to the next.

Ugh.  How irritatingly anti-social.

> When we update boost to a new version, we may therefore need to revbump
> some or all ports that link with boost. If we forgot to do that when we
> recently updated boost, then that was a mistake.

Best you can do, really.  The problem was easily and quickly fixed as soon
as I noticed it and filed the ticket, so thanks to all for prompt action.

And I'm glad to have the background explanation; I'll watch out for this
next time I see a boost upgrade.


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