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So, I’m back to my (slow) migration of an existing macOS High Sierra + Apple-’supported’ mail server to one based on macOS Mojave + + macports. is running. DNS is running. Users are in OpenDirectory. Their backup home directories (synced with clients) are available. Now it’s time to migrate the mail server. That is (as on High Sierra): postfix + dovecot + spamassasin + clamav + greylisting. But while I’m at it I’d like to enable DMARC at least. I’m used to managing the configuration by editing files (such as and, whitelists, etc.) at the unix level. A user-friendly way to manage sieve filtering by end-users would be nice (I had roundcube once, have been editing the sieve file by hand since then on the server).

I have a few questions that arose during preparation (mostly because I was unable to find documentation for the port):
I was looking at available documentation. There is a mail-server ‘aggregate’, but it wants X11. Why?
How do I find out what variants I need. Definitely pure, but for instance do I need a variant that can use the local Open Directory for authentication (postfix and dovecot) and if so, how do I find out? 
Why does the dovecot port add users/group that already exist on macOS (_dovecot, _dovenull)?
Why would I add lucene etc. if all searching and indexing happens on the client side (, spotlight)?
I looked at installs for postfix and I noticed in the last year it has been installed only once. Is that right? dovecot2 has 2. dovecot2 has no maintainer. I find wiki pages, but then they are often unfinished/incomplete. Makes me wonder: is there any volume in this community or will I be effectively be the only one?

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