latex is driving me batty -- ! Package fontspec Error: The font "DejaVu Sans" cannot be found.

Steven Smith steve.t.smith at
Fri Sep 13 13:32:24 UTC 2019

This should just work building ghc from source. Did it? Does it install the pdf GHC User Guide?

This is an outstanding ticket issue, so we’d like to wrap this up with a fix.

It’s not clear to me if the ghc build wasn’t working your you (bad), or a one-time LaTeX compilation wasn’t working (much less bad). <>

>> This issue is supposed to be fixed in these lines:
> Those lines did fix it, thank you. I was working on something parallel and ran into the DejaVu font issue. I thought my latex configuration was wrong in some way. Then I saw the workaround you put into the portfile. Changing the fontspec did work.
> Googling this same error shows it comes up in other software sometimes.
> Is it a Mac thing? Why do we need to do this change, but the rest of the planet does not? Rather than fix ports, I wonder if we're supposed to fix our fonts...

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